Niedenthal’s photos are sooo good.

📺 Ted Lasso (2020-2023) - ★★★★★

Ted Lasso poster

On my #WWDC23 wish-list I’ve got only one thing: let me turn off/on e-sim with shortcuts. I’d like to be able to turn on my business phone everyday at ~9 and turn it off after work. This would be amazing.

I’ve got cutest work profile wallpaper and ain’t nobody can tell me otherwise.

Got tickets to see new, animated Spiderman (Spider-man? Spider man? whatever) in IMAX quite soon. I just can’t wait, this is going to be so big and so unbelievably beautiful. Watched the first one couple of times and every time I was amazed how perfected this image is. Highly recommended!

First day of ADHD meds. Let’s go!

Reddit really wants to see how Twitter’s downfall felt? I know they don’t, this pricing is anything but serious and fair. If they wanted to kill 3rd party apps - just own it.



Magic is the best.

You’re drinking coffee because you want to wake up in the morning, I drink coffee because I don’t use meds for my ADHD and this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get myself to focus on stuff. We are not the same (or we are, not sure who is reading that).

Had a minor medical procedure done on Friday and not there yet. It was the closest I was to the real operation and not really a fan, honestly. I’m gonna be fine, but last couple of days were a bit painful.

Mallorca 2023

Just got our newest rolls back - so photos from trip to Mallorca and a couple of days before it, so I can now photo-dump my blog and show you some of the coolest shots I’ve got!

So - before even going to Spain, first we have to go to my mums for a second and grab some of THE BEST Polish food anyone can cook.

Now back to Warsaw, for a quick hangout with folks.

And here we go, Spain! First night just seven minutes with a taxi from the airport and I’m already in love!

My wife was doing great job by utilising a car and I was trying to be as helpful as possible.

First stay - just in the middle of nowhere. Blissful nothingness.

Our little friend!

Couple more shots from this first, amazingly beautiful place.

I mean, come on.

We were changing locations a lot, to avoid being bored and our neighbourhood was just unbelievable.

After being in the middle of nowhere we moved up, to Alcudia, to enjoy these beaches with pure, white sand.

Then - mountains! Bunyola and all of the small, pretty villages, cities and towns that. Should we move here?

And for the rather bittersweet ending - Palma.

And that was it, two weeks in Mallorca, all over the island. I have used Kodak Gold 400 and Canon Sure Shot Z115. Fortunately coming back to Poland was easier, we brought with us some really nice weather, but I just wish we could’ve stayed a little bit longer.

About last night.

This is bonkers - MTG: Arena is supported on Mac via Epic Store and it’s unavailable for Mac on Steam. I didn’t expect much from Wizards of the Coast but this is really uncool.


One more :)


It’s nice.

Not from today, but it will hopefully be like this tomorrow!

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